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Yongala Wreck Dive Tour

YONGALA WRECK DIVE TOUR  3 Days 2 Nights 4 Dives


23rd March 1911, The luxury 109 m passenger ship SS Yongala ran into a huge cyclone and disappeared with her 122 passengers and a race horse after departing for her 99th voyage. 

Despite a desperate search by navy and coast guard, nothing was found. No one survived.

47 years later, Yongala was discovered accidentally in 1958. She was sleeping on the sea bed near Cape Bowling Green where only 3 hours from Townsville where was her destination of the last trip.

The ship wreck has been a home to billions of fish life. You can not even see the wreck with too many fish swimming in front of you. 2 m huge Giant Trevally, Barracudas, Manta rays,Marble rays, Eagle rays, Bull sharks, and even humpback whales can be seen on the wreck.

Just an amazing dive site.

「Scuba travel UK 2016, the Best Dive Site in the world, No 3」

Yongala is famous as one of the most advanced dive site for its depth and strong current. 

It is very common to hear that some one had a scary diving on Yongala.

&Ocean offer a small group of diving with a private guide. I always have a chat about your skills and condition individually before diving and provide an optimal way of guiding for your level and demand.

If your mother language is not English, diving with &Ocean is a very good option for you.

And also &Ocean can arrange a nicer room for comfortable stay at Alva beach.

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