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​Ida beach
The world of super macro ~

Participation conditions:

Those who have a license of open water or higher


2 dives a day, guide, tank, facility use, tax included

One-on-one: 20000 yen

Held by 2 people: 14500 yen per person

3 people or more: 13000 yen per person

Additional dive is +4000 yen

* Subject to change

Extra charge:

Equipment rental fee (tax included)


Full equipment rental (wet) 7700 yen

Full equipment rental (dry) 8800 yen

(Including dive computer)

Single item:

Heavy equipment rental 2640 yen

Wet suit 1650 yen

Dry suit 3300 yen

Mask, fin 550 yen each

Weight 550 yen

Dive computer 2200 yen

Food expenses:

Each person or split the bill

Parking fee for cars:

700 yen a day


[When coming by train] 7:23 Mishima Station meeting (6:33 Tokyo , 6:40 Shinagawa departure Kodama) , pick up at the station north exit

[When coming by car] Ida Diving Center meeting at 8:45 → GOOGLE MAP

[For the night before in Shuzenji and Izu Nagaoka areas] Pick up around 8:00

8:50 Briefing at the dive center, equipment preparation

9:50 1st run (1 hour dive, 1 hour break)

11:50 2nd

12:50 Shower, change of clothes

13:30 lunch

15:30 Depart for Mishima Station

16:00 Disbanded at Mishima Station


Mishima Station Meeting & Dissolution (Not a promise as it may need to be coordinated with other customers)

Transfers are free, but exempt from liability.

A maximum of 3 passengers can ride in the car, all wear masks, open the windows, and drive.

Alcohol spray is always available in the car so that bacteria can be sterilized frequently.

Corona diving:

Click here for details

cancellation policy:

Corona-related cancellations are flexible. Please be assured.

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