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Sprit of Freedom

hammerhead shark

Spirit of Freedom, a diving cruise ship where Takuma works every other week

I work as one of the crew, so I can't do a private guide like & Ocean, but

Diving in the spirit is at the top level of the Great Barrier Reef.

The boats and food are great, and the crew we work with is a collection of the elite Barrier Reef.

Takuma can guide up to 3 per day, and the other 1 or 2 will be other guides or buddy dives without guides .

Spirit of Freedom 

3 night ribbon leaf trip 

Up to 11 dives on the Great Barrier Reef Ribbon Leaf 

Includes cod feed (2m over potato cod feeding)

A collection of powerful points not found on a day trip.

The point where coral is beautiful. The fish shadow is dark.

June-July will almost certainly meet minke whales


4-night coral trip 

Up to 15 dives on the Osprey Reef 250 km from the continent

Transparency 40m over 1000m drop off 

Including shark feed. You can see sharks for the rest of their lives. Big names such as manta rays and hammers. 

A powerful drift dive. Such. 

For advanced users  

7 nights 8 days Ribbon Leaf & Coral Trip

A trip to enjoy Ribbon Leaf and Coral Sea at once by combining 3 nights and 4 nights, the price will be a little cheaper.

<Please check before making a reservation for experience diving>
・ Persons aged 45 and over ・ Persons with a waist circumference of 102 cm or more for men and 88 cm or more for women ・ Persons with a medical history listed in the PADI medical history questionnaire may need to be diagnosed by an Australian doctor in advance.

If applicable, please be sure to contact us before booking.

During the tripPADI Advanced Course and PADI Enriched Air Course are also available

Advanced course: $ 265

Enriched Air Diver Course: $ 325

Especially the advanced course is quite attractive!

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