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Great Barrier Reef 2Nights Dive Cruise
Private guide  2nights3days11dives

The easternmost point of the Great Barrier Reef

Located 30km east of Cairns, the FLYNN Reef is the easternmost coral reef that can be reached from Cairns, on the continental shelf, just like Agincourt in the north. Because of this environment, it is more transparent throughout the year than other coral reefs. In addition, there are many energetic corals that are incomparable to coral reefs near the continent.

Up to 11 dives including night dives

This tour is different from a day trip, and you will sleep on a boat. Therefore, there is little movement and the body is comfortable, and you can enjoy up to 11 dives including night diving. There are many best points including Gordons of FLYNN reef where you can play with sea turtles, and up to 11 dives can be done in no time.

2 nights 3 days all dive with your private guide

Takuma Sato will guide you through all the dives, and you can enjoy the barrier reef and fish explanations during breaks and meal times.

The guiding style can be changed as desired. Photography dives.  Macro lovers, big game lovers, and so on.

We will also take your videos and photos if you wish. Edited videos and all photos will be provided free of charge .

​Video actually taken on the tour


 Day 1

6:00  Cairns city hotel pickup

6:20 Meet at professional dive shop in Cairns

6:45 Boarding, light breakfast, briefing

11:00 Dive 1

12:30  Lunch

14:30 Dive 2

16:30 Dive 3

18:00 Dinner

19:45 Dive 4 (night dive)

 Day 2

7:00 Dive 5

9:00 breakfast

11:15  Dive 6

12:45 Lunch

15:15 Dive 7

17:45 Dinner

19:30 Dive 8 (night dive)

 Day 3

6:30  Dive 9

7:30 Breakfast

9:00 Dive 10

11:00 Dive 11

12:00 Lunch

16:00 Return to Cairns (drop off at hotel)

**Rate** (From April 2023)

Private Guide Fun Dive (Full Gear Rental 11 Dives)

Tour for 1 person: A$2,580-

Tour for 2 people: A$1,790-/person

Tour with 3 or more people: A$1,510-/person

Solo cabin: +A$880 you can use a cabin for yourself.

If you do not request a solo cabin, you will be in a shared cabin.

A 3% fee will be charged when paying by credit card.

**Date (departure date)**

Every other Saturday and Sunday
Please ASK!

It will be smooth if you contact us before adjusting your holiday or arranging your air ticket.

**Price includes**

​Cruise fee, diving fee, guide fee, photography, full equipment rental fee (same price for tank & weight rental), all meals on board, hot drinks, drinking water, snacks, environment Tax EMC​, transfer from Cairns city

The schedule is for a maximum of 11 dives, but it is subject to change due to weather and other factors.


Beverages such as soft drinks


Stay in an air-conditioned twin room. 2 to 3 rooms (4 to 6 people) are equipped with 1 toilet and hot shower. The boat is a dedicated diving cruise vessel consisting of a guest room, dining room, sundeck and dive deck.

If you apply for one person, it will be a shared room. If you would like a private room, please apply for a solo cabin (+A$880).

​**What to bring**

License card, logbook, towel, swimwear, change of clothes, outerwear, motion sickness medicine, sunscreen, toiletries, drinks (alcohol OK)

  • There is no rental towel. It is convenient to have 2 towels. 

  • It's comfortable to have several swimsuits to change.

  • It is cold inside the boat due to the air conditioning, so it is recommended to bring a warm jacket.

  • No alcohol is sold onboard. If you want to enjoy alcohol after the night dive, please purchase it in advance at a bottle shop etc. and bring it with you.

  • It may shake considerably depending on the sea conditions. Since there is no sale of motion sickness medicine on board,It is recommended that you bring motion sickness medicine.

**Rental camera**

If you wish, you can rent an Olympus underwater camera TG6 for A$30 per day.

It's a great camera that even beginners can easily take beautiful pictures. I will also teach you how to shoot.

You can bring your own SD card or download the images to your smartphone and take them home.


Cairns is centered around the Shangri-La Hotel and the Reef Fleet Terminal. It is recommended to take a hotel within 10 minutes by car from there.

Large luggage such as hard suitcases cannot be brought onto the boat. In that case, you can leave it in the storage room of the dive shop.



  • タオルの貸し出しはありません。2枚ほどあると便利です。(セームタオルなど乾きやすいとなお◎)

  • 替えの水着が何着かあると快適です。

  • 船内はエアコンでかなり寒くなっていますので、フリースなどの暖かい上着を持ってくることをお勧めします。

  • アルコールの船内販売はありません。ナイトダイブ後お酒を楽しみたい方は、事前にボトルショップなどで購入し、お持ち込みください。

  • 海況次第でかなり揺れることもございます。船内で酔い止めの販売がありませんので、酔い止めは持参されることをお勧めします。








<Be sure to check before diving reservation>

diver medical form 

If you have any "yes", please contact us before booking. If any of these apply to you, you need to be diagnosed by a doctor in advance. If you apply on the day, you will not be able to dive and there will be no refund of the difference. All participants are requested to confirm in advance.

**Reservation flow**

Please fill out the necessary information on the reservation/inquiry form at the bottom of the page and contact us.

After adjusting the schedule and checking the availability of seats, we will issue an invoice, so please make the payment.

Payment can be made by wire transfer to an Australian account, bank transfer or credit card. A 3% surcharge applies for payments with credit cards.

​Your reservation will be confirmed after payment is confirmed.



**cancellation policy**

1 week to 48 hours before: Cancellation fee of half the tour price

Less than 48 hours before: full cancellation fee of the tour price

There will be no changes to the policy due to flight delays or other reasons. In case of emergency, please schedule with plenty of time. We also recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance.

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