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& Ocean  Tour Schedule

in Feburary 2023 ---> TBA


day 1【Northern part of Amami】

1205~14:35 Amami airport

15:30~18:00 1 boat dive at Northern part of Amami

18:00 Depart from northern part of Aami

18:30 Dinner at Tatsugo village(Traditional Tofu restaurant)、1.5hours drive to Koniya.

21:00 Hotel arrival​

Day2【Southern part of Amami】

9:00~15:00 Whale swim

18:00 Dinner

Day3【Southern part of Amami】

9:00~15:00 Whale swim

18:00 Dinner

Day4【Southern part of Amami】 

9:00~15:00 Whale swim

18:00 Dinner


8:30 Depart hotels

10:30 Humbarger lunch at Mishoran cafe on Ayamaru-misaki

12:00 Dissmissed at Amami Airport 


& Ocean Whale Swim Fee

Whale swim 26000 yen per day

Whale Watching 16000 yen per day

② & Oecan scuba diving fee on the first day

One boat dive 11000yen

[ Other costs]

Air ticket

Accommodation fee

③Rental gear fee for scuba diving on day 1

Full retal(BCD,Reg,Mask,Fins,Wetsuit,Dive computer): 8800yen

BCD&Reg. :2200yen each

Mask&Fins:1100yen each

Wet suit:2200yen

Dive computer:2200yen

Rental gear fee for whale swim

Full rental (mask, fins, snorkel, wet suit) 4400 yen per day

A set of 3 rental (mask, fins, snorkel) 2200 yen per day

Single item rental (mask, fin, snorkel) 1100 yen each/ per day

Single item rental (wet suit) 2200 yen per day

⑤ Meals

⑥ Car rental fee

Actual cost only when necessary

[Flight Schedule ] Updated 2021.12.1


Narita Airport Peach Airlines

Outbound flight MM541 Narita 10: 15-Amami 13:15

Return MM542 flight Amami 13: 55-Narita 16:00

Haneda Airport Japan Airlines

Outbound flight JL659 Haneda 11: 45-Amami 14:15

Return flight JL658 Amami 15: 05-Haneda 16: 55


Via Kagoshima

Outbound JL643 & JL3727 Haneda 08: 05-Amami 11:20

Return trip JL3738 & JL654 Amami 19: 00-Haneda 22:15


Peach Airlines from Kansai International Airport

Outbound flight MM205 Kansai 8: 20-Amami 10:10

Return flight MM206 Amami 10: 50-Kansai 12:25


Itami Airport Japan Airlines

Outbound flight JL1465 Itami 09: 25-Amami 11:15

Return flight JL1464 Amami 12: 20-Itami 13: 50

Via Kagoshima

Outbound JL2407 & JL3731 Itami 10: 50-Amami 14:20

Return trip JL3734 & 2414 Amami 17: 40-Itami 20:30


Skymark Airlines from Kagoshima Airport

From Haneda, Itami, Nagoya, etc. to Amami via Kagoshima

Outbound Kagoshima 10: 00-Amami 11: 00

Return Amami 18: 55-Kagoshima 19: 50


Please book the hotel around Koniya in the southern part of Amami Oshima.

Recommended accomodations in the area

zero Gravity Seisui Villa Twin 15500 yen, Single 9000 yen ~ (& Ocean in booking at discount rate)

 Koniya house 5500 yen per person (can be booked through &Ocean)

Libest Inn   Single 8580 yen ~ (Please make a reservation by yourself)

Sun Flower City Hotel Single 5500 yen ~ (Please make a reservation by yourself)

Sakai Guest House 3600 yen per person (please make a reservation by yourself)

〇Other inns around Koniya

[Transportation, rental car]

〇 When all guest can fit in my car, you will get a free transportation.

〇 If there are 4 or more people, we will rent a car (the actual cost splited by the guests)

〇 In addition, due to circumstances such as a large number of people, we may ask you to move by yourself without pick-up and drop-off.

〇 If you want to move by yourself or go sightseeing separately, please rent a car by yourself.

In that case, rent it at the airport on the first day and return it at the airport on the last day.

Or, on the last day, rent it in the south (Koniya) and return it at the airport. 

(Caution) Southern-Airport drop-off is currently only available at Kurousagi Rent-A-Car, so early booking is recommended.

Kurosagi Rent-A-Car Reservation Phone: 0997-63-0600

[Cancelation policy]

Cancelation on or before 1st December 2022: 50%

Cancelation on or before 1st January 2023 :70%

Cancelation on or before 1st Feburary 2023 :100%


Payment in advance

&Ocean will send you an invoice in Mid Nobember 2022.

Please pay total tour fee by the end of Nobember to secure your booking.

We accept bank transfer and Credit card payment. (Credit card charge 3%)

You can pay the rest on the last day of the tour by cash, Credit card, and bank transfer.

What to bring

〇Towel(1 or 2 small towel for diving on day1)

〇Swim wear

〇Warm and water proof Jacket for Boat ride(Boat coat, Fleece jacket, Uniclo Down jacket etc.)

〇Warm knitted cap, neck warmer etc.


〇Tiletries(You will have towels, Hair shampoo, conditioner, body soap, Toothbrush,Hair dryer in your hotel room)

〇Seasick pills(Must have. Boat rocks alot in windy condition)

〇Diving license card​

Snorkeling gear (Arrange your hire gear with &Ocean prior to your trip)




〇Wetsuit (water temp. is around 20℃, bring your fooded vest if you have one)




〇SD Card memory

〇Batteries, Charger

 read Carefully

● The conditions for participating in whale swim are

1. diving license holder.

2. good swimmer.

You will swim in the sea on your own where you cannot see the bottom.

● whale priority 

We won't chase whales or sneak forward.

In the water, stop moving when you see a whale. That is the rule.

This tour is not suitable for those who want to take good pictures from the front of the whale in very close distance.

Even if you can see a whale from the boat, you cannot always swim depending on the condition of the whale.

Even if you can't swim with or see any whale, no refund will be given.

● Stay on the surface.

Skin diving and duck diving are prohibited regardless of your skill.

Scuba diving for whales is also prohibited in Amami.

● The sea can be rough.

In the winter in Amami, the wind is often strong, and the waves can be 2 to 3 meters.

Do not enter the water if you determine the condition of the water surface and your skills doesnot match.

If the captain and guide determine that it is dangerous, they may restrict entry into the water.

● We depart even in the rain.

Whale watching participants can get wet with rain or splash.

Rain gear and waterproof clothing come in handy . Rain boots are also convenient .

● The temperature can be as cold as 12 ℃.

When it's sunny, the temperature rises to nearly 20 degrees Celsius and it's warm, but there are also cold days even down jackets are useful.

Please take proper wind and cold protection.

Gloves, knit caps, neck warmers, etc. are also useful.

● Be prepared for seasickness.

The boat shakes considerably as it goes out to the open ocean and looks for whales.

Get a good night's sleep the day before and take sea sick medication.

You cannot disembark till the end of the trip.

● The minimum number of participants is four.

● The influence of pumice stones may occur.

Pumice stones from the submarine volcano of the Ogasawara Islands are still drifting near Amami.

If the engine sucks pumice stones, it may cause engine trouble and the boat cancellation.

If the main boat is canceled we;

① Continue the whale tour with an alternative small boat

② Change to scuba diving with an alternative small boat

③ Transfer if another company's boat if there is vacancy

④ Cancel the tour

In case of ①②, the capacity of the boat is limited, we will take maxmam number of customers in order of tour booking.

In case of ④, full refund will be given.

&Ocean​ Amami Whale Swim tour

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