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~ Caves from the eternal time ~

Boat diving in Kumomi

The Izu Peninsula is a rare place in the world where the Philippine Sea Plate is located just above the Eurasian Plate, and its geological value has attracted worldwide attention and has been certified as a UNESCO Geopark. ..

Diving in Kumomi is where you can feel the real thrill of the unusual terrain.

You can swim around the intricately intricate cave endlessly, and enjoy macros such as sea urchins who prefer dark places. Above all, the beauty of the light that shines into the cave in the high transparency is impressive.

Participation conditions:

Those who have a license of open water or higher


Per person per day (including 2 boat dives, guides, tanks, facility use, taxes)

One-on-one: 23000 yen

2 people or more: 18000 yen

* Subject to change

Extra charge:

● Equipment rental fee (tax included):


Full equipment rental (wet) 9800 yen

Full equipment rental (dry) 13050 yen

(Including dive computer and underwater light)

Single item:

BCD 2200 yen

Regular 2200 yen

Wet suit 2200 yen

Dry suit 3250 yen

Mask, fins, boots 550 yen

Dive computer 1100 yen

Underwater light 1100 yen

Weight 550 yen

● Food expenses:

Each one

method of payment:

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cash on the day.

Click here for details


A: For a day trip

Train: Take the Kodama train departing from Tokyo Station at 6:57, arrive at Mishima Station at 7:55 AM, and meet at the north exit ticket gate (about 2 hours by car)

Car: 10:00 Kumomi Diving Service Hamayu gathers

10:00 Document filling, briefing, equipment setting at the dive center

11:00 1st dive

12:00 Water break 1.5 hours (lunch)

13:30 2nd dive

14:30 Clean up equipment, shower, change clothes,

15:00 Logging etc.

Ends at 15:30, pick-up (arrival at Mishima Station around 18:00)

B: For the night before

Stayed in the Shuzenji area or Kumomi Onsen area the day before (inn is your choice)

7:15 Departure

8:50 Document filling, briefing, equipment setting at the dive center

9:30 1st dive

10:30 1 hour water break at the shop

11:30 2nd dive

12:30 Clean up equipment, shower, change clothes

Lunch and log at the cafeteria near 13:30

15:00 end, pick-up (Shuzenji 16:30, arrival at Mishima station around 17:30)


Pick-up and drop-off from Mishima Station (free, exempt from liability)

Please contact us as it may be necessary to coordinate with other customers.

A maximum of 3 passengers can ride in the car, all wear masks, open the windows, and drive.

Alcohol spray is always available in the car so that bacteria can be sterilized frequently.

Corona diving:

Click here for details

Cancellation Policy:

Follow the rules of Kumomi diving service.

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