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Yongala Wreck Giant Ray and Diver

<Fees>From July 2023

2 or more Divers, A$1,500/diver

1 Diver, A$2,400

4 dives at the world famous Yongala Wreck


Day 1: 7:30AM Depart Cairns

    1:00PM Arrive Townsville, sightseeing in Townsville

    5:00PM Check in at Aruba Beach

    stay in Alva Beach (*1)

      Meals: breakfast x,lunch x, dinner x

Day 2: 7:30AM meet at dive shop

    Dive at Yongala Wreck, 2 dives
    stay in Alva Beach (*1)

      Meals: breakfast x, lunch o, dinner x (*2)

Day 3: 7:30AM meet at the dive shop

    Dive at Yongala Wreck, 2 dives

    2:30PM Depart from dive store

      Arrive Cairns 9:00~10:00PM

    Meals: Breakfast x Lunch o dinner x


(*1) Basic fee includes 4 people sharing room.

   For people who need solo cabin,

   Budget cabin(1Room, 1queen bed, 2bak beds, share bath and kitchen):+A$180/room (max4ppl)

     Ensuite (1LDK, 1 queen bed, 2bank beds, with bath and kitchen): +A$260/room (max4ppl)

   Deluxe Room(2 bedrooms, 2 queen beds, private room with bath and kitchen): +A$340/room (max4ppl)     is also available

(*2) Meals other than lunch after the dive are not included.

Participants can either prepare their own meals or use a restaurant in town, a 30-minute drive away.

* 3% sur charge will be applied for credit card payments.


Comfortable Deluxe Room (+ A $ 200 / room)

<Included in the price>

Diving fee, Japanese guide, full equipment rental (with computer), wet suit, accommodation for 2 nights, lunch on the 2nd and 3rd day, tax

<Things not included in the price>
1st day meal, 2nd day breakfast and dinner, 3rd day breakfast and dinner, Nitrox use $ 30 / day

<What to bring>

License card, logbook, swimwear, change of clothes, towels, toiletries including shampoo and toothbrush, anti-sickness, thick coat in winter

<Participation conditions>

Sufficient diving experience of advance or higher or depth of 20 m or higher. There should be no blanks for more than a year. Have overseas travel insurance.

​Use of Nitrox in Yongaralek

Yongaralek is from a maximum depth of 30m to the shallowest part of the wreck, 15m. Since the average depth of diving is as deep as 20m, it can be said that Enriched Air (Nitrox) is the most effective point.

In fact, when diving in normal air, many divers have to surface the second one just barely, even though there is residual pressure. In that respect, if you use Enriched Air (Nitrox), you can expect to extend the decompression unnecessary limit by an average of 15 to 20 minutes at the water depth of Yongara, and you can enjoy diving for a long time.

32% Enriched Air is available for an additional $ 30 per day.

& Ocean also offers an enriched air diver course at the same time for an additional $ 250.

 <Cancellation Policy>


 <Cancellation due to customer convenience>
at the tour start time,
Up to 2 weeks before: No cancellation fee.
2 weeks to 48 hours before: $200 cancellation fee
Less than 48 hours before: Cancellation fee of full tour price
I accept.

 <Cancellation by the operating company due to stormy weather, etc.>
Full refund (excluding payment fees) or rescheduling
In addition, if possible, we will respond by transferring to a day tour from Cairns.

 <If the operator decides not to dive due to a sudden change in weather after arrival>
If no dives are held for 1 day: $200 refund.
If no dives are held for 2 days: $400 refund. In that case, it is possible to visit the Yongala Museum, Aquarium, etc. in Townsville in your free time (actual expense adjustment).

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