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&Ocean Private Guide GBR

Why Choose &Ocean


1: Fully private guide

Diving is limited to a small number of people! &Ocean is completely private, so there is no need to worry about other customers or crowding underwater.

I want to take pictures, I want to be photographed, I like macro photography, I like big things, I want to improve my diving skills, I want to improve my photography skills, I want to do a commemorative dive, I want to dive with my friends who have experienced diving, and I am worried about my skills. There is no need to worry about people, elderly people, diving for the first time in a while.

I'm also good at transforming super beginners into cool and smart divers!

2: Takuma Sato is in charge from start to finish

At &Ocean, I will take full responsibility myself, and I will be in charge of everything from inquiries to welcomes, all briefings, underwater guides, and logging.

There is no division of labor like other companies. ​Whether you know me directly or not, I will do my best to guide you so that you will be satisfied no matter how many times you come.

3: Naturally all Japanese

As of November 2022, Cairns has no diving company with a Japanese guide commitment other than &Ocean.

At &Ocean, our Japanese guide, Takuma Sato, will explain everything in Japanese. No need to worry about language.

4: Master Reef Guide

Our guide, Takuma Sato, has been a guide in Cairns for 10 years and is a member of the "Master Reef Guides" officially recognized by the Australian government.

Able to make full use of knowledge and experience regarding the Great Barrier Reef and the creatures that live there to provide interesting and entertaining guidance.I try to do my best.


Coral ☆☆☆

Visibility ☆☆☆

Big, wide ☆☆☆

Macro ☆☆☆

Boats, equipment ☆☆

​ Private guide easternmost 2 nights 3 days dive cruise

Overwhelming recommendation here

Flynn and Milln areas for beginner to advanced skiers

The amount of coral, the number of fish, and the transparency are overwhelming.

Please adjust your schedule and join us.

Debass damselfish.jpg

Coral ☆☆

Visibility ☆☆

Big game, wide ☆☆☆

Macro ☆☆☆

Boat, equipment ☆☆☆

Private Guide Agin Court Day Diving

It is a one-night tour for those who cannot take time for two nights and three days. ​

​The waters to be visited are Norman and Saxon, and there are many points that are friendly to beginners, so it is recommended for first-time cruises.


Coral ☆☆

Visibility ☆☆

Big, wide ☆☆

Macro ☆☆☆

Boats, equipment ☆☆☆

Private Guide Agin Court Day Diving

As a guide, I really feel that the Great Barrier Reef is a sea that cannot be seen in one day. If time permits, we would like you to participate in a tour of 2 days or more as much as possible.

​We also offer day tours for customers who can't make it.

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