Japan tour 2021

&Ocean has operated Japan tours discovering unique ocean in Japan!

What &Ocean does against COVID-19

Amami Oshima
~Beutiful coral islands~

Escape from cold Japan to walm island Amami




Mikomoto Island 

~Hummerhead shark river dive~

This is Japan. Just 3hours trvel from Tokyo.

Hundreds of hummer head sharks are living aside of a small island in southern part of Izu peninsula.

You will have very high chance to see 100+ hummer head sharks schoolong in Summer(June to November).

Very strong and rolling current and deapth(30m on the bottom) often make the dive difficult. 

Only for experienced divers, this is truely one of the MUST DO in Japan. 



~Dancing Anthias and softcoral~


You will see amazing colorful soft coral and thousands of beautiful anthias everywhare.

So many life living underwater and they are so much colorful. 

I am sure this site dramaticaly blow your imagnation in Japan ocean.

If you love to swim in the colorful ocean, Ito is the best site for you.

My favourite site in Izu area.




~Discover ancient caves~

Izu peninsula has one million years history.

This peninsula is only area in the main island of Japan which is on the cross point of Phillipin plate and Eurasian plate. This geographical condition has made a lot of unique landscape in Izu area.

This is very unique feature even on the Earth and UNESCO certifyed this area as the UNESCO GIO PARK in 2018.

Kumomi is the best place to dive to experience the scenary underwater. Caves are cross eachother and huge volcanic rocks make uique atomosphere.

If you are a fan of adventure, Kumomi can be your first choice.



Ita Beach, Koganezaki Beach

~Crazy macro world~

Grab your macro lens or Olympus TG6 to have a look into the small creatures' world.

You will see very rare creatures in this area.

For example, you will see 2-3 frog fish in one dive!

Just slow down, open your eyes, look for hidden little creature, observe how the nature works.



~Anthias and Hardcoral~


High vizivility and colorful anthias dancing around you makes you feel like tropical diving.

You will see large colonies of  branching hard coral which is the north end of the coral habitat in Japan.

~Discover huge shipwreck in Atam~

For adventure lover 

Asahi no16 is one of the biggest shipwreck in Japan. She sank on the bottom of 28m near Atami port in 1986 after a long service for a cargo ship campany. Now she is a home to many fish life and beautiful soft coral.

You can also experience penetration in the 81m long huge ship wreck. You never get bored with 2 adventurous dives on the wreck.

~Shark scramble

Dive with hundreds of sharks and rays in Chiba.

This site has been very famous among shark lovers these days.

The dive is one of MUST dive in Japan.

Humpback whale swim in Amami
~See whales with calf~

The area around Amami welcomes 1000 Humpback Whales gethering for parenting and mating in winter.

Get a chance to swim with gentle giant in the blue ocean.

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Swim with whales