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Hammerhead Shark river dive Mikomoto Island
(For advanced divers)


40600 yen (held by 3 or more people, 2 dives x 2 days, guide, tank & weight, facility use, tax included)

Only 1 day ¥ 20800 (tax included)

Click here for tour prices for 1 or 2 people:

(* Subject to change)


Extra charge:

Equipment rental fee (per day):

Full equipment rental 4950 yen

BCD and Reg rental 2200 yen

Wet suit 1650 yen

Dive computer 1650 yen

If you bring your own equipment, don't forget the signal float. Rental is 550 yen a day

Food expenses:

Lunch at the time of diving 660 yen (tax included)


Minamiizu Raizuya 5000 yen including tax without meals (1 room per person is also possible)

Details page of Accommodation


Payment can be made by credit card (3% commission), bank transfer prior to the date of tour.

Basic schedule:

"Diving for 2 days in 3 days and 2 nights"

Day 1 Arrive Shimoda from evening to night (Shimoda stay)

Day 2 2x Mikomoto diving (Shimoda stay)

Day 3 2x Mikomoto diving, Depart shimoda 

Detailed schedules such as departure time will be decided after the boat reservation is completed.

Schedule details page

How to get Shimoda:

Izukyu-Shimoda station gathering & dissolution (pick up from the station)

Or, drive your own car to meet and disband Mikomoto Hammers dive shop.

Transfers from the station are free and exempt from liability.

Passengers on my car are limited to 3 guests, and everyone is requested to wear masks.

Alcohol spray is always available in the car for sterilizing frequently.

Diving in COVID-19 pandemic

(Caution) Mikomoto Island is only for advanced divers!

Due to the geographical environment, strong currents may occur around Mikomoto Island, and Hammerhead Sharks are in those currents.

In some cases, they may swim towards the stream or swim long distances in search of groups.

In addition, descent is a free descent in a place where there is no rope.


Even if you hide your anxiety and dive, not only will you not be able to enjoy it, but it is also dangerous.

If you are uneasy, we will follow you appropriately, so please be sure to consult in advance.


Participation conditions:

① 50 or more diving experiences (exception if 30 or more)

(2) Sufficient diving experience with a water depth of 20 m or more.

③ There is no blank for 1 year or more (exceptions depending on the number of experiences)

④ ear there is no problem in the opener, that the free descent can be without anxiety


& Ocean's participation condition is not "can you dive" but "can you really enjoy it?"

If you are uneasy, you can refresh your skills and check your knowledge on a day tour in advance.

Let's prepare well and enjoy diving from the bottom of our hearts!


Mikomoto Hammers Briefing Video

You will see on this video what happening on the boat and in the water on the day.

Please be sure to see and understand the information. 

New coronavirus related:

Please understand that the tour may be changed or canceled without notice if the government, local government, or dive center decides that the tour is not appropriate. In that case, the refund policy of the dive center will be followed. We also ask our customers for their cooperation in reducing the risk of infection in accordance with the guidelines announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. → Click here for details

Cancellation Policy:

5500 yen up to 3 days before the tour, 8800 yen after the day before the tour, and a cancellation charge of the full amount of the tour price will be charged on the day.

The same applies if you have a cold or other symptoms on the day and cannot participate at the discretion of the person or the guide.

If you can only dive one dive due to bad weather or ship breakdown, we will refund 3500 yen. There is no refund if you are unable to dive due to changes in your physical condition or trouble with your equipment.

It should be noted that, if the tour in such bad weather in Miko source is not held, cancellation fee will not be generated.

アンカー 3
important! Please be sure to see it before joining.
Mikomoto Hammers Briefing (About 10 minutes video)

About measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

(Reprinted from Mikomoto Hammers website)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Thank you for using our store.
In response to the cancellation of the state of emergency in the Greater Tokyo Area
From May 26th (Tuesday), Mikomoto fan diving and all training services will be resumed.

In addition, in order to resume business, prevent the spread of infection, and ensure the health and safety of customers and employees.
Based on the "Basic Policy for Countermeasures against Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
For the time being, the business contents of some facilities will be changed as follows.


1.3 In order to avoid denseness (sealed, dense, close), we will operate mainly in outdoor spaces. Please do not use the cabin as much as possible on the ship.

2. Please wear a mask when traveling using transportation such as on a train where an unspecified number of people gather .
When you arrive
, please wash your hands, gargle, and disinfect .
Also, please wash your hands and gargle frequently during your stay.

3. Regarding accommodation, our clubhouse is a shared room for men and women.
If you are concerned about sharing a room with other guests, please feel free to contact us as we can arrange a nearby guest house or hotel for an additional fee.

4. If you are concerned about sharing drinks on board, please prepare your own drinks.
Drink vending machines are attached to the store.

5. Please refrain from making reservations and using the following people.
・ Those who are judged to be positive for the new coronavirus or who are suspicious of the possibility. Those who have come into contact with close contacts within the past two weeks and those who have traveled abroad within the past two weeks. Those who have been in contact with each other ・ Those who have entered a place that is said to have an outbreak within the past two weeks ・ Those who have had fever symptoms including fatigue and slight fever within the past two weeks and their families

In addition to the above, our shop also takes the following measures.

・ Ventilate the room and the inside of the shuttle car on a regular basis.
・ After using rental equipment (regulator, BCD), disinfect it in addition to normal cleaning.
・ When you come to work, all staff will be checked for physical condition, and if you feel unwell or have a fever, you will be on standby at home. We recommend that you visit a medical institution if necessary.
・ We thoroughly wash, gargle, and disinfect staff.
・ Please understand that the staff will wear masks and serve customers.

In addition, depending on the future situation, diving business may be closed or some business contents may be changed.
In that case, information will be published on the official website and official SNS again.
Thank you for your understanding.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
(As of May 26, 2020)

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