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Private Guided Reef Day Tour 

About the day tour, we will hold it only for customers who cannot take more than 2 days.
The Great Barrier Reef has so much to see that it is impossible to see it all in one day.
If possible, we recommend joining a tour for 2 nights and 3 days, or at least 1 night and 2 days.
If you can't get a long schedule and would like a day trip, please contact us by message from the inquiry button.

Norman Leaf, Saxonryroof

Head to the reef about 60km northeast of Cairns.

Speaking of the outer reef of the Great Barrier Reef, this is a famous area.Due to the lack of human presence during the corona period, the corals are recovering at an amazing speed and the coral scenery is spectacular.

The point is that there are many places where the flow is calm and gentle, so it can be said that it is a beginner-friendly area.

Advanced skiers and repeaters of the Great Barrier Reef may find it unsatisfactory.

Private guide for those with limited time

Stay on the reef for 4 hours and visit 2 points.

The schedule is one dive in the morning and one dive in the afternoon. A maximum of 3 dives (2 dives at the same point in the morning and 1 dive in the afternoon) is possible, but I think you will get the impression that you are quite busy, so basically we recommend 2 dives.

*As of 2023, the boat is almost full and is very crowded.

&Ocean will be thorough in scheduling so as not to get caught up in crowds as much as possible.Please help us.

If you miss the timing, the dive deck will be too crowded to get ready, there will be no place to sit at lunchtime, long lines for the shower, etc.It may make you feel uncomfortable.

latest boats

The Aqua Quest to board will go into service in 2017. A 24m long catamaran with a spacious dive deck, state-of-the-art rental equipment, spacious toilets and hot water shower rooms, hot meals, air-conditioned cabins, and more make for a comfortable day on a luxurious boat.

*As of 2023, the boats are almost full and are very crowded.



 7:50AM Port Douglas Marina

 8:00AM On board

 8:30AM Depart Marina

10:30AM 1st site (1 or 2 Dives)

12:00AM Lunch

 1:00PM 2ND site (1 dive)

 2:30PM Depart

 4:30PM Return to Port Douglas Marina 



Private Dive Tour Certified Diver (2 Dives)

1 Diver:A$560-

2 Divers:A$410-/per diver

3+ Divers:A$370-/per diver

Extra 3rd dive:+A$30-

Private Introductory Diving (2 Dives)

1 diver:A$590-

2 divers:A$450-/per divers

3+ divers:A$410-/per divers

Extra 3rd dive:+A$40


​Cruise、Diving、private guide、Photo shooting (Cert dives only)、Gear hire、Lunch、Hot drinks、morning and afternoon tea、EMC Levy


Transfer to/from Port Douglas Marina


Bus transfer +A$25-/p.p.

​**What to bring**

C-Card, log books, Towels, Swim suit, Change of clothes, Sea sick pills

<Can I dive?? Diver Medical form>

Check the diver medical form. If you have yes on the questionare, please contact us before booking.If any of these apply to you, you need to get a permission from a doctor in writing in advance. If you fail to do it, you may not be permitted to dive and there will be no refund. All divers are requested to confirm they can dive in advance.

**Reservation flow**

Please fill out the necessary information on the reservation/inquiry form at the bottom of the page and contact us.

After adjusting the schedule and confirming the availability of seats, we will issue an invoice, so please make the payment.

Payment can be made by wire transfer to an Australian account, bank transfer or credit card. A 3% surcharge applies for payments with credit cards.

​Your reservation will be confirmed after payment is confirmed.

**Cancel policy**

7day prior to the date of travel:$30/

After 7day prior to the date of travel :Full charge

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