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Table Land Adventure 

Introducing how to play that will definitely love Cairns under the theme of "the second Cairns"
We will teach you adventures that you cannot enjoy on a regular sightseeing trip.

& Ocean Kuranda

for example,

Sky Rail Ropeway (extra charge)

Kuranda Rainforest Walk: Approximately 1 hour jungle walk

Lunch in Kuranda village

Bas Ronfaure

A valley known only to locals : Climb a waterfall with a height difference of 70m and bathe on a cliff!

Campfire & barbecue

Cairns Waterfall
Cairns BBQ
Mareeba River Eucalyptus
Mareeba Rock Wallaby

& Ocean Mareeba

for example,

Breakfast at a coffee farmer's superb view cafe

Wild kangaroo ($ 6)

Feeding rock wallabies that are only found in Mareeba ($ 13)

Tour of the winery of the full roots wine

Sightseeing flight by plane for spraying pesticides at coffee farm (extra charge)

Campfire & barbecue in a stream that only locals


& Ocean Asserton

for example,

Breakfast at a cafe on the shores of a beautiful caldera lake​

Gilly Fall, Elinger Fall, Nandro Ya Fall

: These waterfalls are not crowded at the cost of poor access!

Lunch at a superb view cafe on the ranch

Hot springs & barbecue at Innot Hot Springs

Whole Roasted Chicken Barbecue
Mila Mila Waterfall


Chillagoe Cave Exploration & Camping

Australia's Largest Waterfall Waraman Fall

There are many destinations that you can enjoy no matter how many times you come.

​The contents described here are just examples, and the destination can be freely arranged according to the wishes of the participants and the recommendation of Takuma.

Currently, we are guiding Takuma's direct acquaintances and their friends.

** Approximate cost (1 day) **

Held by one person $ 280-

Held by 2 people $ 150- / 1 person

Held with 3 or more people $ 120- / 1 person

Other companies' activities, facility admission fees, and food expenses are not included.


Easy-to-move clothes, swimwear, towels, change of clothes, comfortable shoes, sandals, anti-sickness medicine, sunscreen

In addition, please take out sufficient overseas travel accident insurance.

Australia's Largest Waterfall Waraman Falls (photographed in July 2018)


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