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Shimizu Private House

A 5-minute drive to the town of Koniya in the center of the south, a house on a quiet Shimizu beach

Take a walk on the beach early in the morning or sit on the breakwater and watch the sunset.

It is also attractive that you can enjoy beach diving on the beach in front of you.

The shallow coral colonies are spectacular and it is very likely that you will see sea turtles.

The herd of Amamis damselfish and Debas damselfish living in Eda coral is full of tropical atmosphere.

If you go down the slope of the white sand, there are many attractions such as a flock of spotted garden eels, Ribbon eels, and Apogon notatus, oral care of Apogon notatus, and anemone fish incubation.

The house has a solid kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals during the tour if you buy it on your way home from diving.

You can also use a new bath at the next diving center. There is a free washer / dryer, so you can stay for a long time.

Since it is fully equipped with Fifi, it can also be used for remote work.


★ Price ★

[5500 yen per person] There are fluctuations during the busy season

★ Equipment ★

Air conditioner, TV,

Full kitchen (gas table, freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, tableware, cooking utensils)

Bath towels, hand towels, shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, toothbrushes

Hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, detergents, fabric softeners


Basically, there is no room cleaning during a short stay, and towels and sheets are changed when needed.

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