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Izu 2 Days
~ Playing Izu in 3 days and 2 nights ~
[Kumomi Cave and Ito Hanadai]

Enjoy both Nishiizu Kumomi and Higashiizu Ito boat diving!

At Kumomi, you can enjoy the complex caves and terrain unique to Nishiizu. The light that shines into the cave is superb!

In addition, boat diving in Ito, where the colorful scenery such as the colorful soft coral herds and the Hanadai herds that you can't imagine in Japan, is wonderful!

A two-night, three-day plan to fully enjoy the nature of the Izu Peninsula, such as enjoying the wonderful hot springs of Izu , delicious seafood, and visiting geosites where you can feel the history of the earth for one million years.

Please arrange your favorite accommodation. & Ocean recommends that you base yourself in Shuzenji Onsen or Nagaoka Onsen, which is easy to reach both Kumomi and Ito.

In addition to Kumomi and Ito, Ida Macro, Atami wreck, Mikomoto, and Tako can be freely combined for a two-day, three-day tour. Please contact us!

Participation conditions:

Those who have a license of open water or higher


First day:

From evening to night, we will take the Shinkansen to Mishima Station and from Mishima Station to the accommodation (free of charge, exemption from liability)

Google Map

Transfers are not guaranteed. In addition, it may be necessary to coordinate with other customers, so please contact us as soon as possible.

After checking in at the inn, enjoy the wonderful hot springs of Shuzenji.

We will show you the best places in the neighborhood when it is convenient!

Day 2 (Cave dive at Kumomi) :

7:15  Shuzenji, departure from Nagaoka

8:50 Document filling, briefing, equipment setting at Kumomi diving service

9:30 1st dive

10:30 1 hour water break at the shop

11:30 2nd dive

12:30 Clean up equipment, shower, change clothes

Seafood lunch at a cafeteria near 13:30, logging

16:30 Return to the accommodation and dissolve, free action

(It is also possible to take you to the geosites of the Izu Peninsula!)

Day 3 (Hana Dive in Ito):

7:00  Shuzenji, departure from Nagaoka

8:00 Fill out documents, briefing, equipment setting at Ito Diving Service

9:00 1st dive

10:00 Water break at the shop for about 1 hour

11:30 2nd dive

12:30 Clean up equipment, shower, change clothes

Lunch at a cafeteria near 13:30, logging

14:45 end, pick-up (Ito station or Atami station)

Return example

There are 15:09, 16:02, 17:35, and 18:00 for the "Odoriko" that goes directly to Tokyo from Ito Station.

There is one "Kodama" bound for Tokyo from Atami Station every 30 minutes from 16:02 to 22:35.

I want to go home as soon as possible. On the contrary, I want to go sightseeing on the way and go home slowly. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond to your request.

Please contact us as soon as possible as it may be necessary to coordinate with other customers.

[Customers arriving by car]

Day 1 Check in at your accommodation at your preferred time

Day 2 8:50 Meeting @ Kumomi Diving Service Hamayu → Google Map

(Please park at the toll parking lot of the beach. Fee 1000 yen)

Day 3 8:00 Meeting @ Ito Diving Service → Google Map


Per person (2 dives (boat) x 2 days, including guide, tank, facility use, tax)

One-on-one: 53500 yen

Held by 2 people: 45,000 yen per person

3 people or more: 38,000 yen per person


Extra charge:

● Equipment rental fee (total for 2 days including tax):


Full equipment rental (wet) 14750 yen

Full equipment rental (dry) 20200 yen

(Including dive computer and underwater lights in Kumomi)

Single item:

BCD 3300 yen

Regular 3300 yen

Wet suit 3300 yen

Dry suit 6550 yen

Mask, fins, boots 1100 yen each

Dive computer 2200 yen

​ Underwater light 1100 yen (only Kumomi required)

​ Weight 1100 yen

● Food expenses

You can eat at the cafeteria or arrange a lunch box at the dive center.

Fees are paid by each person, or split bills, etc.

method of payment:

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cash on the day.

Click here for details

What you need to arrange yourself:


Please arrange your favorite inn in the Shuzenji Onsen or Izu Nagaoka Onsen area by yourself.

Shuzenji is a very high quality hot spring resort, and there are many inns and guesthouses with a nice atmosphere along the clear river, and the walking paths are also beautiful.

The price range of Shuzenji is a little higher than other areas, but there are hostels where you can stay for around 5,000 yen.

Prices in the Nagaoka area will drop a little.

Shuzenji Onsen, Nagaoka Onsen, Accommodation List

● Transportation:

To Mishima on the outbound route

Return trip from Ito or Atami

Please arrange your own transportation.


In the case of train, the basics are Mishima station set, Ito or Atami station dissolution​

Transfers between Mishima Station on the outbound route and the Nagaoka Onsen area on the Shuzenji Onsen, and between Ito and Atami on the return route are possible (free of charge, exemption from liability)

​ Transfers are not guaranteed.

Please contact us as soon as possible as it may be necessary to coordinate with other customers.

A maximum of 3 passengers can ride in the car, all wear masks, open the windows, and drive.

Alcohol spray is always available in the car so that bacteria can be sterilized frequently.

Corona diving:

Click here for details

cancellation policy:

* Diving may be canceled or the diving area may be changed depending on the sea conditions, in which case the fee will change. In addition , the cancellation rules are based on the rules of each diving service, but basically corona-related cancellations areWe will respond flexibly. Please contact us as soon as possible.

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