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There are many rivers in the world where you can rafting, but there are only a few rivers in the world that are fun for beginners to experienced people and no matter how many times you go down.

Tally is a longing river that meets all of these requirements and where river guides from around the world gather to hone their skills.
There are 44 Hayase on the course of up to 14 km, and you can challenge the world-famous torrents such as alarm clock, ninja shoot, theater, steer case, wet and moisty with an experienced rafting guide.


AU $ 169  + LEVY30

Tully River 1 day rafting itinerary

6: 30 ~

Depart from each hotel by bus.

After renting rental sandals and wet suits (winter only) at the Raging Thunder Office, we will depart for the Tully River.

The staff will explain the tour on the bus. From the train window, you can see the highest peak of Queensland "Bartle Flair (elevation 1622m)", sugar cane, fruit fields and so on.

Take a restroom break for about 15 minutes on the way. We also sell sandwiches and drinks.

9: 45 ~

Arrived at the starting point. If you change clothes quickly, wear rafting gear. Please put all your luggage in the trunk of the bus.

After the river guide explains how to use the paddle and precautions before the star, enjoy a rafting adventure that lasts about 2 o'clock in the torrent section.

Photographers will shoot you in a number of torrents.

12: 00 ~

Have lunch at a lunch spot set up in the rainforest. Aussie BBQ lunch, fruits and various drinks are available.
Please continue to enjoy rafting in the afternoon.

14: 30 ~

After rafting, put away your gear and change your clothes.
Please be careful about what you have left behind and board the bus,

15: 15 ~

Head to the Rafters Pub in Tally.

You can see the photos of the day at the pub.
Please purchase various drinks and light meals at the pub counter.

18: 00 ~: Arrival in Cairns. We will take you to each hotel by bus.


13 years old and over AU $ 199-

Tour price AU $ 169  + LEVY (environmental tax, etc. AU $ 30-)

<What to bring>

・ Raging Thunder reservation number (7 digits)

・ Swimsuit (please wear in advance) ・ Large towel  

・ Shoes with fixed heels, sandals ($ 5 for rental shoes)

・ Change of clothes ・ Sunscreen ・ Plastic bag for wet items

・ Cash, credit card for additional purchase on the day such as photos

* Please do not bring large amounts of cash or valuables.

* Please come on the assumption that your whole body will get wet on the day.

* Those who are pregnant cannot participate.

* Photos will be taken during the tour.

A USB memory with photo data can be purchased for $ 15.

General information (Raging Thunder)

● Raging Thunder (RT) is not responsible if the tour schedule is changed or canceled due to road, river, sea or weather conditions, or reasons outside the control of RT.

● Departure / return times may vary depending on the season and hotel location.

● RT strongly recommends that you purchase appropriate overseas travel insurance by yourself.

● A guide with "emergency life-saving therapist" and "rescue 3" qualifications will accompany you on the rafting tour, so even inexperienced people or those who can not swim can participate if they are physically and mentally healthy and older than the specified age. ..

● If you have a disability or handicap, have heart disease, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, middle ear, bronchi, etc., or are pregnant, please be sure to let us know when you make a reservation. Depending on the tour, you may not be able to participate.

● A cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price will be charged for changes or cancellations within 48 hours before the tour.

● If any of the tours included in the package tour is canceled due to bad weather, etc., the package partial fee for that tour will be refunded.

● If you miss the shuttle bus or the Fitzroy Island ferry, 100% of the tour price will be charged. As a special case, it may be possible to change the date by paying a separate fee. Please contact us for details.


<Rafting tour participation conditions>
By completing the reservation for the rafting tour and all package tours including rafting, you agree to comply with the "Reservation Terms" and "Disclaimer Agreement".

In particular, the Disclaimer Agreement, to the extent permitted by law, excludes you from all warranties under Australian Consumer Law and unconditionally exempts Raging Thunder from all liability for negligence, breach of contract, or any other act or omission. And agree to be exempt.

" Disclaimer Agreement "

You can fill out the disclaimer agreement from the link below.

Upon completing the tour reservation, you acknowledge that there are no medical conditions that could endanger you or any of the participants. If you have any medical condition or are physically uncertain about whether or not you can take the tour, we recommend that you consult your doctor before making a reservation.


Information about Levy The tours conducted by Raging Thunder (hereinafter referred to as RT) incur various taxes such as fixed park usage tax and environmental protection tax, damage compensation insurance premiums, management fees, navigation management fees, etc. increase. These costs are not under the control of RT and the amounts are often changed regardless of RT's will. For this reason, RT pays the Levy fee separately from the tour fee, and the Levy fee currently shown may change.

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