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Koganezaki beach
~ Relaxing in high transparency and beautiful sand

Participation conditions:

Those who have a license of open water or higher


2 dives a day, guide, tank & weight, facility use, tax included

One-on-one: 20000 yen

Held by 2 people: 14500 yen per person

3 people or more: 13000 yen per person

Additional dive is +4000 yen

* Subject to change

Extra charge:

Equipment rental fee (tax included)


Full equipment rental (wet) 8800 yen

Full equipment rental (dry) 11000 yen

(Including dive computer)

Single item:

Regular BCD 1650 yen each

Fin boot mask 550 yen each

Wet suit 2200 yen

Dry suit 3850 yen

Dive computer 2200 yen

Food expenses:

Each person or split the bill


Train: Meet at Mishima Station at 7:23 on the first Kodama, and move to Koganezaki by shuttle car (about 70 minutes)
Car: Meet at Koganezaki Dive Center at 9:30

10:30 1st, 12:30 2nd, seafood lunch at the cafeteria near 14:00


Mishima Station Meeting & Dissolution (Adjusted each time)

Or, drive your own car to the Koganezaki Dive Center and disband

Transfers are free, but exempt from liability.

In the car, everyone wears a mask, opens the window and runs,

Alcohol spray is always available in the car so that bacteria can be sterilized frequently.

Corona diving:

Click here for details

cancellation policy:

Corona-related cancellations are flexible. Please be assured.

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