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What to do on the Fitzroy​  How to spend Fitzroy Island
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Other Tours

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① Pier

The ferry arrives here.

Just below the pier, a lot of fish are forming a school, and sometimes a school of bigeye trevally!


Drinks containing alcohol and hearty foods such as burgers are provided. It's best to eat lunch here !

② Beach hire

Rent snorkel sets and paddleboards here. A simple but water shower is also here. Jellyfish avoidance suits and wetsuits can also be rented here ($ 10 each).

④ Nemo root

At the top of this rocky mountain, which has risen from a depth of 6m to 1.5m, is Nemo, who became the main character of the movie. A tremendous number of fish live in the surrounding area. It's a bit far from the beach, but this is the number one highlight of snorkeling in Fitzroy. Good luck and find this rock !

​⑤ Fish are gathering in the shallow water around here. Lots of coral. Also, if you want to see sea turtles, snorkel on the other side of the pier (upper right of the map).


The road leading to NUDEY BEACH, which was selected as No. 1 in Australia's Best Beach Ranking. Don't miss the beach that appears after passing through a small mountain road that takes 15 minutes each way. Bring snorkel gear, towels and drinks. It's best to relax on this beach for about half a day.

⑥ Resort pool A resort pool with a pool bar. You can use it if you pay the usage fee at the reception.

($ 5- / one person)

Equipped with toilet and shower room in the back

⑧ Road leading to the lighthouse

There is a sea turtle rehabilitation facility about 100m from the resort, and when you register at the resort reception, you can see the inside. Wounded sea turtles protected by the Great Barrier Reef are rehabilitated here and returned naturally.
It takes 2 hours to go trekking to the
lighthouse, so be prepared to bring drinking water and wear comfortable shoes.

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