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Hot-air balloon tour in Mareeba where 300 days a year are sunny

Our customers have a very good reputation, so we will introduce it at & OCEAN.

The power is only the air warmed by the burner, and it floats in the air by the wind. Unlike airplanes and helicopters, it is very strange and fantastic to fly with almost no noise.

Note! Not available the day after diving


From AU $ 300 ( single flight AU $ 270 + LEVY30)


4:10 AM Departure from each hotel

Please finish the toilet before departure.
Explanation of the tour on the bus


5:30 AM Arrive at Mareeba

Mareeba is as high as 700m above sea level and the temperature is about 10 ℃ lower than Cairns.

Please bring a warm jacket.
Please note that there are no registered coin lockers or restrooms on the list before boarding.

6:00 AM Take off before and after sunrise

Enjoy the magnificent view of Mareeba from the sky.
Kangaroos may also be seen.

The takeoff and landing points vary daily depending on the wind direction.


Landing at 7:30 AM, everyone will collect the balloons and baskets.
It's also a good opportunity to actually touch the balloon, so

Thank you for your help.

* Express passengers leave for the hotel without cleaning up

* Arrive at Cairns Hotel around 8:30 AM

For other customers, after cleaning up, taking a restroom break, selling photos,
Depart Mareeba.
Arrive at Cairns Hotel around 10:00 AM (dissolution at the airport is also possible)

<Caution! >

Not available the day after diving as it includes early morning high altitude movements


Express flight Direct to the hotel after a 30 minute flight

Adult AU $ 290-  Children AU $ 219- ( 4 to 14 years old)

Single flight 30 minutes flight

Adults AU $ 270 Children AU $ 205 (4 to 14 years old)

Double flight 60 minutes flight

Adults AU $ 360 Children AU $ 280 (4 to 14 years old)

Balloon chase Hot-air balloon view tour from the ground

Adults AU $ 79 Children AU $ 79 (4 to 14 years old)

LEVY (environmental tax, etc.) AU $ 30 / person will be charged for this fee.

General information (Raging Thunder)

● Raging Thunder (RT) is not responsible if the tour schedule is changed or canceled due to road, river, sea or weather conditions, or reasons outside the control of RT.

● Departure / return times may vary depending on the season and hotel location.

● RT strongly recommends that you purchase appropriate overseas travel insurance by yourself.

● When a hot-air balloon lands, there will be some impact, and the basket may fall over depending on the weather and terrain, but it is a normal landing.

● The hot-air balloon tour is for those who are physically and mentally healthy, can walk on their own, stand upright (at least 30 minutes), and get on and off the basket, and can participate if they are older than the specified age. If you have a disability or chronic illness, please be sure to let us know when you make a reservation. We may refuse your reservation, or we may refuse your boarding at the discretion of the pilot on the day of participation. Please note.

● If you have a disability or handicap, have heart disease, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, middle ear, bronchi, etc., or are pregnant, please be sure to let us know when you make a reservation. Depending on the tour, you may not be able to participate.

● A cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price will be charged for changes or cancellations within 48 hours before the tour.

● If any of the tours included in the package tour is canceled due to bad weather, etc., the package partial fee for that tour will be refunded.

● If you miss the shuttle bus or the Fitzroy Island ferry, 100% of the tour price will be charged. As a special case, it may be possible to change the date by paying a separate fee. Please contact us for details.

Information about Levy The tours conducted by Raging Thunder (hereinafter referred to as RT) incur various taxes such as fixed park usage tax and environmental protection tax, damage compensation insurance premiums, management fees, navigation management fees, etc. increase. These costs are not under the control of RT and the amounts are often changed regardless of RT's will. For this reason, RT pays the Levy fee separately from the tour fee, and the Levy fee currently shown may change.

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