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Recommended restaurants in Cairns

In no particular order

$ ~ $$ $$ Affordability

☆ ~ ☆☆☆ TAKUMA Personal preference

Cock and Bull

5 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from the city

A steakhouse crowded with locals and few tourists

Pork spareribs are always sold out if you don't go early.

The chicken snitzel is very delicious!

$$ $


Hogs breath cafe
Casual steakhouse Meat dishes with good cospa, easy to reach from the city.
Recently, the number of Japanese tourists has increased, and there are often Japanese staff.

$$ $

Prawn Star
You can eat seafood on a boat floating in the B-class seafood harbor, which only the locals knew. I personally recommend it. NG for people who don't like dirty places
There is a feeling that the number of Chinese has increased recently.
If you don't go early at night, you'll be disgusted, so it's a weekday afternoon or early time ◎

$$ $


Salt House
A stylish club and restaurant right next to Prawn Star. It's great to have a quick meal at Prawn Star and then relax at this bar!

$$ $$

Cairns burger cafe
The most delicious burger shop in Cairns right now (according to Takuma)
Since it is located on a back alley, there are few tourists and it is quiet and relaxing.
The amount of hamburger steak is amazing (laughs)

$$ $


Water Bar & Grill
Super Famous & Luxury Store Cairns' most popular restaurant overlooking the famous Cairns harbor with steak and pork spareribs.

$$ $

Italian Cairns on Trinity Beach Popular with locals on the beach away from the city Personally quite recommended Pizza and mushroom risotto is the best

$$ $$


Petit cafe Kuranda
Crepe shop in Kuranda This is a delicious crepe that you can go to Kuranda to eat.
A popular store that used to be in Cairns has moved to the Kuranda market.
The cafe is located in the rainforest and has a great view and atmosphere.

$$ $

Il Forno Pizzeria

Pizza shop in Palm Cove

Located in the lovely PALM COVE VILLAGE, you can eat the most delicious pizza in Cairns.

We recommend bruschetta and GARLIC PROWN

The place where you can see the sea is also the best

$$ $

Nu Nu Restaurant

Famous Palm Cove store (creation)

You can eat while looking at the beach and palm trees

The sofa seats also have an atmosphere and are very nice

$$ $


A restaurant with a beer factory in the port of Cairns

It was just completed this year and is very popular with locals. A popular store originally located in the port of Port Douglas has opened in Cairns!

If you like beer, this is the best place. Rich beer made from spring water from the local Mossman Valley is popular.

$$ $$

Korea Korea
If you say Korea in Cairns, there is no doubt that it tastes here.
Located in a crappy mall, there is no fashionable atmosphere. It's full of workers who come in between work, and the feeling of close contact with the local community is amazing.



Tia's Cafe

Southeast Asian restaurant located 5 minutes drive from the city

Very popular with locals

The store has no fashion, but the taste is definitely number one.

We recommend Tom Yum Kung, GARLIC PEPPER CHICKEN, and Fried Whole Fish if you have a lot of people.

It also adjusts the spiciness.

$$ $


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