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AU $ 179-

Among the many Cairns activities, the one I personally repeat many times is the bungee jump.

So I highly recommend it!

You have to climb the tower, which is designed to be 50m high, which humans are most afraid of, on the wooden stairs!

It's the worst activity as if you were climbing the death penalty yourself!

You will never feel this sensation of cold sweats and jerky knees! The feeling of adrenaline blowing out is irresistible!

It only takes half a day, so you can arrange a tableland adventure from a bungee.

Participation conditions:

10 years and over

If you weigh 20KG or more and less than 45KG, jump with your friends or staff (tandem jump)


cancellation policy:

Full refund up to 1 week in advance, no refund after 1 week in advance, or refund in case of refund from AJ HACKETT.

Bungee jumping is also very safe. There have been more than 4 million jumps, but no fatal accidents. The ropes used are made in-house and are replaced at one-third of their useful life.

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