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​Why choose & Ocean!

1: Complete private guide

Diving is limited to a small number of people! It is absolutely decided that a small number of people is good.

&Ocean is completely private. There is nothing to worry about other customers or crowding in the water. You can take pictures as long as you like, or you can search for big things with all your strength, it's up to you!

Also, if you are worried about your skills, elderly people, diving for the first time in a while, etc., there is no need to worry at all.


Unless the sea conditions are very bad, ​

This reef is located on the edge of the continental shelf, unlike the reef off Cairns. Because the beautiful seawater that enters from the drop-off hits directly, it boasts an overwhelming difference in both transparency and amount of coral.

3: Takuma Sato is in charge from start to finish

At &Ocean, I will take full responsibility myself, and I will be in charge of everything from inquiries to welcomes, all briefings, underwater guides, and logging. There is no division of labor like other companies. ​ Whether you know me directly or not, I will do my best to satisfy you no matter how many times you come. Also, the underwater guide can change freely according to your wishes. I want to take pictures, I want to be photographed, I like macro photography, I like big things, I want to improve my diving skills, I want to improve my photography skills, I want to go on a commemorative dive, I want to dive with my friends who have experience diving, etc. Anything can come true!

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