​Why choose & Ocean!

Reason to choose &Ocean

1:100% Private guide

&Ocean provides a private guide only for you. 
You will see a diving guide taking 6 to 8 divers as a group when you dive with other dive operators on the Great Barrier Reef which is normal these days in Cairns. 
Do not worry about other divers. Only thing you need to do is just enjoy your dive with your private guide. 

2:Agincourt reef system

&Ocean visits Agincourt reef system (when weather permits).

This reef system is located on the very edge of Australian continental shelf where clear water from the deep sea reaches directly.

Beautiful and healthy coral gardens are totally different from the ones at any other reef system from Cairns.

3:Takuma Sato 

I am only person who take care of you. There is no work share.F

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