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Australia east coast map

During the Australian summer months (October-April), manta rays gather at dive sites in the south-central East Coast. & Ocean will be hosting this special tour at this time of year.


1: Manta Island

North Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane Many people have never heard of the name. This is the hotspot of this tour, where manta rays of 5 to 6 meters always swim under the boat. Also known as Manta Island. A regular in QUEENSLAND's best dive site rankings, you can observe various rare creatures other than manta rays. Also, camping on the beautiful island beach is just the best.

2: HMAS Brisbane

Battleship HMAS Brisbane sinking off the Sunshine Coast Here you can enjoy a full-fledged REC dive that you can't taste near Cairns. Unlike Yongara, where penetration is prohibited, he infiltrates the maze-like ship and moves through each room connected vertically, horizontally and diagonally. There are many fish that are not found near Cairns. The atmosphere of the city of Sunshine Coast, which is said to be the most beautiful in the world, is also wonderful.

3: Wolf Rock

A rocky mountain point off Rainbow Beach Wolf Rock There are about 20 Grainers sharks living here all the time, and you can get very close to them. This shark is a huge body with a body length of about 3.5 m, and the face with scary fangs protruding from the mouth is impressive. Rainbow Beach is far from the big city, but with beautiful beaches, well-equipped surf clubs, restaurants and barbecue facilities, your stay is comfortable.

4: Julian RockS

A famous point in Byron Bay. Although we couldn't dive due to the weather during this inspection, it is a point where manta rays, nurse sharks, leopard sharks, sea turtles, etc. gather together . I definitely want to revenge.

Needless to say, the city of Byron Bay, a popular tourist destination, has many nice cafes and shops, and it is fun to walk around the town.

Schedule example 1

​ 4 nights 6 days from Japan

Day 1 Departure from Japan

Day 2 Brisbane or Gold Coast → 2 Manta Island Manta Dive

Day 3 Manta  Island Manta diving four

Day 4  HMAS  2 BRISBANE wreck diving​

Day 5 Julian Rocks 1 dive

Day 6 From Gold Coast Airport to Japan

Schedule example 2

​ 5 nights 7 days from Japan

Day 1 Departure from Japan

Day 2 Brisbane or Gold Coast2 JULIAN ROCK dives

Day 3 HMAS BRISBANE 2 wreck diving

Day 4 Manta Island 4 manta dives

Day 5 WOLF ROCK 2 shark dives

Day 6 Sightseeing on Frazer Island

Day 7 From Brisbane Airport to Japan

Schedule example 3

7 days by land and air from Cairns, or 14 days by land

Day 1 Cape Hilsborough from Cairns

Day 2 Rainbow Beach

Day 3 Wolf Rock (2 shark dives)

Day 4 HMAS  Brisbane (2 wreck diving)

Day 5 Manta Island (4 manta dives)

Day 6 Julian Rock (2 dives)

Day 7 Preliminary day (7 days by plane to Cairns)

Day 8 Julian Rock (2 dives)

Day 9 Manta Island (4 manta dives)

Day 10 HMAS Brisbane (2 wreck diving)

Day 11 Wolf Rock (2 shark dives)

Day 12 Cape Hilsborough

Day 13 Yongala wreck (2 Yongala wreck)

Day 14 Arrival in Cairns

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