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&Ocean is a diving guide service based in Cairns Australia.

A member of Master Reef Guides, Takuma Sato provides tailored guided tours for wide range of divers from beginners to pros.

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Great Barrier Reef 
2Night3Days, 1Night2Days , Day trip
​ [Beginner] [Intermediate] [Advanced]
[Wide] [Macro]
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Spirit of Freedom​
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&Ocean JAPAN tour 
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great barrier reef coral reef
About &Ocean
​ Introduction of Takuma Sato


For 3 days and 2 nights, I enjoyed an exciting and amazing diving experience diving around Flynn Reef with Mr. Sato's careful guidance. I have been diving for a total of 30 years, with about 380 tanks, and have dived from the west to the Red Sea, Maldives, Southeast Asia, Okinawa, Izu Peninsula and the Seven Islands, Ogasawara, Micronesia, and Tahiti. I have experienced the charm of each ocean and felt that I knew a fair amount about the world's oceans. However, Flynn Reef was on a different level in scale, dynamism, richness, and beauty, something I had never experienced before. For divers considering diving on the GBR, I recommend &Ocean as a diving service that provides careful guidance on reefs close to the open ocean.



It's a complete group system a day, and it will keep up with as much selfishness as possible. The guide, Takuma, is a very kind Japanese person, so you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

I think that it is the best guide as long as the schedule is met. Thank you for your wonderful trip.


Nozomi Sasai

I dived two fan dives for the first time in 4 years ♫
Kind and polite, tell us a lot about fish, the Great Barrier Reef, and a lot of fun before you get to the point!
Thanks to that, I was able to not only dive but also enjoy diving while holding down the points ★
Absolutely safe even after a long time diving! You can really satisfy your diving! It became a lifetime memory ^ ^


Sayaka Hatano

This is the second time I asked Takuma-san, and this time I was indebted to my sister for experience diving. Even beginners can rest assured that they will explain very carefully!
We couldn't speak English because they stayed with us, so we could spend our time with peace of mind. ︎

There is no problem if you don't understand! ︎
It will tell you anything and will notice it 😆
If you want to dive in Cairns, you can say with confidence if you ask Takuma-san 👍

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