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Obtained an advanced license at Yongaralek

PADI AOW Diver License Course at Yongaralek

& OceanYou can complete 5 courses including Enriched Air at Yongaralek and obtain a PADI Advanced Open Water License.

Feature 1 What a class at the famous Yongaralek

Feature 2 Since the basics are reviewed in advance by day diving so that there is no anxiety, it is safe even if you have little experience.

Feature 3 Includes Enriched Air (Nitrox) SP certification! Actually 4 dives in Yongara use Nitrox

Feature 4 Since you will dive after gaining prior knowledge at the Yongara Museum, the reality of the wreck dive will increase.

Feature 5 On the night of the 3rd day, a full-fledged barbecue for those who wish!


Course for 3 or more people: $ 1700- / person

Course for 2 people: $ 1890- / 1 person

Course for 1 person: $ 2560-

($ 250 minus without enriched air diver)

** Included in the price **

Boat fee, diving fee, equipment rental fee, enriched air usage fee for 4 bottles, training fee, manual, AOW diver application fee, enriched air diver SP application fee, environmental tax, lunch on the 1st day, lunch on the 3rd day, 4th day Eye breakfast, lunch

** Not included in the price **

Traveling from Cairns to the dive shop


One day trip, Yongaralek 2 nights 3 days total 4 days 6 dives

Day 1 Board a day boat and complete a deep dive and a navigation dive (2 dives). Department class.

Day 2 Travel to Townsville, where Yongaralek is located, and learn about Yongaralek by visiting the museum. Department class at night.

Day 3 2 dives at Yongaralek. Completed Enriched Air Dive, Rec Dive, Fish ID or PPB.

Day 4 At Yongaralek, two fan dives, and after the end, moved to Cairns. (Refer to the Yongaralek Tour for the detailed schedule of the 2nd to 4th days)

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