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Dalai Lama

2-day open water diver license course
(For those who have completed & Ocean experience diving)

Held by 2 or more people $ 750- / 1 person

Held by one person $ 990-


Feature 1 Obtain a license in the shortest 2 days according to PADI standards! In & Ocean's experience diving, we will practice swimming freely in the water because we want you to awaken to the fun of diving and proceed to the licensed course. Those who have completed this experience diving are exempted from the first marine training according to PADI standards, and can obtain a license in just two days, one day in the pool and one day in the ocean! In the course, we will practice firmly focusing on safety and emergency coping practice, and finish it as a full-fledged diver. (Before the course starts, you will be required to complete the department using e-learning.)

Feature 2 Basically, only one group at a time is a private course! You can monopolize an exclusive instructor not only by yourself, but also by groups such as friends and family. Of course, all explanations are in Japanese. I am not good at swimming and have motor nerves because I will take a private course. .. .. Even those who are worried about obtaining a license will definitely be good at it.

Feature 3 We use the pool of Cairns' largest dive center to provide high quality pool training that makes full use of our extensive facilities.

Feature 4 We will hold a marine course in the Agincourt Reef Area, which divers long for. Not only will you be able to experience a full-fledged dive boat tour, but you will also practice at the beautiful points of the coral, which will improve your neutral buoyancy. In addition, in the largest of the comfortable boat in Cairns Port Douglas, you can focus on slowly practice. There are facilities such as a spacious shower room and an air-conditioned cabin where you can relax and take classes.


First day
7:30 AM class start

Training dive in the pool
6:00 PM End of the first day

the 2nd day
6:50 AM Depart Cairns

Training dive 3 dive on the Great Barrier Reef
6:00 PM End of 2nd day of arrival in Cairns

** Please let us know if you would like to attend with other customers. **

If the schedule can be adjusted by the course date and the number of people increases, the difference will be refunded.

<What is included in the price>
Course fee, equipment rental required for the course, PADI online learning fee, license application fee, tax

<Things not included in the price>
Lunch on the first day

Swimsuits, change of clothes, towels, winter jackets, anti-sickness medicine, things to wear
(I go out for lunch in the city between the pool classes on the first day. It is convenient to have something that can be worn over the swimsuit.)

<Please check before booking>
・ Persons aged 45 and over ・ Persons with a waist circumference of 102 cm or more for men and 88 cm or more for women ・ Persons with a medical history listed in the PADI medical history questionnaire must be diagnosed by an Australian doctor in advance.

About PADI E-learning / online learning

& Ocean employs e-learning / online learning that allows you to finish your course in Japan in advance in order to make effective use of your limited itinerary.

A computer that can use FLASH PLAYER is required for e-learning learning.

If you use i Pad or have only iPhone, please contact us. You can study using an app called PADI Touch.

Learning takes a total of 10 to 15 hours.Please start studying early with plenty of time.

<Cancellation policy>

<Cancellation due to customer's convenience>

Up to 1 week before the tour start time: No cancellation fee.

From 1 week to 24 hours ago: $ 200  Cancellation fee

After 24 hours: Full cancellation fee for the tour

I will accept.

<If you cannot participate at the discretion of your doctor>

Up to 24 hours before the tour start time: No cancellation fee.

Please submit a medical certificate from a doctor.

After less than 24 hours: A full cancellation fee will be charged for the tour.

<Cancellation by the operating company due to stormy weather, etc.>

Full refund Also, if possible, we will transfer to another tour if you wish.

<Handling of E-learning>

After applying for the course and completing the e-learning process , the online manual and certification credits will be owned by the student and cannot be returned to & Ocean. (Even if you cancel the & Ocean course, you can use it when you take a course of another company etc.) Therefore, the e-learning fee of $ 200 included in the course fee will not be refunded even if you cancel the course.

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