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Aim at Mikomoto Island Hammerhead
Detailed schedule for 2 nights and 3 days

(Afternoon, morning pattern)

First day:

Depart Tokyo from 18:00 to 19:00 and arrive at Shimoda at night

Check in at the guest house

Alternatively, you can enter Shimoda in the morning of the second day and stay for one night and two days.

the 2nd day:

10:40 Shop set (equipment preparation, document filling)

11:20 Joint briefing

12:00 Move to the port

12:15 Departure

12:30 entry

13:05 Exit

13:35 Return to port, water break at port

14:05 Departure

14:20 entry

14:55 Exit

15:25 Return to port

15:45 Equipment wash, shower

16:15 with log

16:45 Free time to return to the guest house

Third day:

6:45 Yop set, fill out documents

7:15 Briefing, equipment setting

7:45 Move to the port

8:00 departure

8:15 entry

8:50 exit

9:20 Water break at the harbor

9:50 departure

10:05 entry

10:40 exit

11:10 Return to port

Shower, lunch, log at 12:00 shop

13:00 Return

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