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Amami Hoshizora Village

Amami Hoshizora Village, which is the southern base for the & Ocean tour, is a small inn located on the southern tip of Amami Oshima, facing the beautiful beach on the outskirts of the city, Yadorihama.

There are 3 buildings and 6 room trailer houses on a large site, and a large garden and a beautiful sandy beach spread out in front of you.

At night, let's talk about traveling, diving, and life while drinking alcohol in the garden while gazing at the starry sky.

It's a 15-minute drive to the nearest convenience store, which is inconvenient to say the least, but it's really quiet and you can relax in the nature.

If you are on a tour, Takuma will stay and drive to Koniya every day so you don't have to worry about your legs .

Let's fully enjoy the charm of the unexplored Amami that cannot be experienced in the Naze area or near the airport.

Click here for the map

★ Price ★

[When using one room per person]

Weekdays 7700 yen | Days before holidays 8250 yen | Busy season 8800 yen

1100 yen OFF for the second and subsequent nights

[When using 1 room for 2 people]

Weekdays 11000 yen / room | Days before holidays 11550 yen / room | Busy season 13200 yen / room

1100 yen OFF for the second and subsequent nights

There is a restaurant Isoshigi next door, so you can eat if you make a reservation in advance.

There is a barbecue stove in the large garden, which can be used for 3000 yen each time.

★ Equipment ★

Air conditioner

Freezer, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle

Bath towels, hand towels,

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush

hair dryer

WI-FI (There are some rooms that are difficult to connect to, so if you want to use it for work etc., please let us know in advance.)

There is basically no room cleaning during the 4-night stay, and towels and sheets will be changed when needed.

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